Food For Fun


Samantha Cruz, Staff Writer

  Quarantine has left little open to the public. Yet, even with the quarantine seemingly trapping everyone in their houses, there is one thing that seems to be open along with stores and pharmacies: Restaurants. The choices are endless. Foods, drinks, and even desserts are all open to the public. 

  Some have used this quarantine as a way to slim down. Salads and healthy foods seem to be on a rise. Especially now, exercise is rising. People have been using workouts as pastimes since there is in fact, nothing else to do. Of course, the first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet. “I honestly haven’t been eating healthy snacks, though I do work out. I also haven’t gotten takeout food since the self-quarantine, but I have had Bolay. I honestly recommend trying Bolay.” (Charles St. Louis, Junior). Keeping calorie intake low is key, and of course, there are plenty of restaurants open and available to help out. 

  With that being said, some people have also been really experimental with their foods. Recently, whipped coffee has become quite popular. It contains equal measurements of instant coffee, water, and sugar. That being said, senior Eugenia Otero spoke about her experience “It’s actually really cool and it’s really fun to make. It’s also better than going out and buying anything if I’m being honest. It tastes really good and you can add your own little thing to it. The process is pretty easy.” The coffee has raised recent hype and since it requires an estimated five-hundred stirs. It is something to occupy anyone. 

  Quarantine has brought about many different eating habits, whether it is clean eating habits or something that requires time. In the end, it seems like trying new things is a large source of entertainment.