Water Polo Team Zooms Through Senior Night

Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

   As Coronavirus came in and prevented a global shutdown, many sports have had their seasons cut short before one of their most important nights. Senior night is a night to give thanks to all the seniors of that year and remember them for what they have accomplished. This year the Pembroke Pines Charter Water Polo Team had decided that they were going to do their senior night through the well known app, Zoom. 

  The team put rigorous time into setting up this event due to the virus but according to Captain, Brittney Coote, “ I was looking forward to my hard work, improvements, and my position as a Captain, to be recognized. So I was really both surprised and touched that, despite us having to quarantine, my team and our team mom still found a way to celebrate all the seniors last year playing water polo! It’s the best thing to happen to me during this lockdown.” The seniors that were celebrated were Constanza Jara, Brittney and her sister Ashley Coote, and Melia Rodriguez. 

  The night was an obvious success even though it was not exactly how the seniors would’ve envisioned their senior night. This was visible through senior Constanza Jara. Jara expressed, “Senior night was different this year but it was very nice. I loved the idea and it made us seniors feel very special although the very difficult times we are living right now.” The overall mood on the night was grateful to see their teammates and just to see their seniors get the recognition they deserve.  

  Although their season was short, the Pines Charter Water Polo Team showed no matter what happens, that they are a family and will do anything for each other and to see each other succeed. The seniors still ended up getting their senior night even if it was not as they had expected.   

  • Contributions also made by: Julie De Deus (YB)