When Social Studies Meets Social Distancing


Mariana Riano, Staff Writer/ Cartoonist

         When COVID-19 started coming into public consciousness, many pointed out, jokingly or otherwise, that history was repeating itself one hundred years later. The Flu of 1918, better known as the Spanish Flu, had taken the world by storm by 1920. No one at Pembroke Pines Charter High School knows the full scope of the pandemic of times past better than Rho Kappa, the school’s own Social Studies Honors Society. Though containment methods have changed since then—for one, schools in New York were kept open because they were less likely to have contagion—the pandemic is no smaller in scope and effect, both on a local and worldwide scale. Nicole Munar, president of Rho Kappa, sat down with the Chat to weigh in on the club and how COVID-19 has affected it, her presidency, and the many events her club puts together.

    Webb: What is the mission statement of Rho Kappa? 

    Munar: In Rho Kappa, we work hard to promote the study and scholarship of history and social sciences. We host many events such as Gift a Little Happiness to give back to veterans during the holiday season. We also started up an escape room this year, and I know the rising president has more ideas for what’s to come in the 2020-2021 school year.

   Webb: What does Rho Kappa mean to you specifically?

  Munar: Rho Kappa means a whole lot to me. I have been a part of the club for two years and have been an officer  for the whole of my membership. I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to make sure this club runs smoothly and that we have many events for the students of Pembroke Pines Charter High School to participate in.

  Webb: How is COVID-19 affecting Rho Kappa?

  Munar: I personally wanted to expand the club this year through more members, and I was able to double the amount of people that were here last year. We were able to get senior graduation cords as well, which persuaded more of the class of 2020 to join. In the end, they won’t get their cords. COVID-19 also prevented us from having our induction, where members would receive Social Studies Honors Society certificates, and allow the people that obtained all of their hours to celebrate all of their hard work.

  • Contributions also made by: Alexandra Webb (YB)