Why Animal Crossing Has Taken Over the Internet


Briana Butler, Lifestyle

  One of the recent releases on the Nintendo Switch is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is a game where you are given an island to slowly customize however you please, as well as meet new and unique animal villagers along the way. With the purchase of Nintendo Online, you are also able to visit your friends’ islands. While Animal Crossing has always been popular, the recent epidemic has only assisted in the increase of sales.

  Many find this game as a form of escapism and a unique way to connect with friends. With it’s gentle background music, soft overall aesthetic, and peaceful nature, people are looking for it as a source of comfort. Animal Crossing is built upon small, mundane activities: such as gardening, decorating, and fishing. This makes it function as a “life simulator,” giving a sense of normalcy that has been taken away in recent times. There is also no competition amongst players, allowing and encouraging people to work together instead of against each other. It is also very easy to play, with no pressure or time constraints. There are multiple instances where the game reminds you to take your time. You can spend the entire day doing anything you like, from cultivating and selling vegetables to moving everything around in your island to make it more pleasing to the eye. 

  Speaking with the animal villagers that move in occasionally also helps fulfill the desire to meet someone new amidst quarantine. There are hundreds of potential villagers, and each one is unique in their own way with a wide variety of interests, personalities, and even fashion choices. Every single one has distinct dialogue quirks, making it feel like you are holding a realistic conversation with a new person. There is a variety of different customizations available, and players are able to change everything from the land itself to every part of their outfit.

  Animal Crossing is the perfect game to relax to. Having full control of your own island, interacting with the villagers you stumble across, and being able to visit your friends is a perfect recipe to relax during your time in quarantine.