Where to get tested for COVID-19

Ariana Ortiz, Web Editor

COVID-19 has left us all with a lot of questions, but the biggest one might be, ‘Do I have the virus?’ Upon the news of the deadly virus, many of us have had trouble trying to decipher between the common cold and the novel coronavirus. Broward County has a number of testing sites right around the corner for you or your family to make sure the virus hasn’t affected you. 

  • Do I need to be tested?

The Center for Disease Control has issued an online COVID self checker to help you decide if you should be tested. The online test asks about your symptoms and exposure to accumulate the likeliness you have contracted the virus. Sophomore Leyla Molina says, “I am a major hypochondriac so resources like the CDC self checker really help me feel safer and calm my nerves.” To take the test, visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing.

  • C.B Smith Park Testing Center:

The closest testing center to our home at PPCHS is the CB Smith park. The drive through testing center is open from 9AM- 5pm by appointment only. You must either be displaying COVID symptoms, be a first responder, or be 65 and older. Senior Dylan Toledo stated, “Having a testing center so close to home kinda scares me. Online I read that a Pembroke Pines zip code had the most cases in Florida, but then I found out it was because they were counting everything from that testing center. Hopefully people there aren’t infecting Pines residents.” However, because the center is drive through, people being tested never come into contact with anyone else on their journey. The center is operated by the Florida National Guard with the Memorial Healthcare systems.

  • Cleveland Clinic:

The next closest testing center to PPCHS is the Cleveland Clinic in Weston. This center is not a drive through but rather a walk in screening facility. Upon making an appointment, patients are screened by a nurse at the hospital. There is also an online screening option available where patients are able to find out their COVID-19 risk before they go through the trouble of being tested.


  Other testing centers are available in Broward in Lauderhill, Pompano, and Fort Lauderdale. Before you get tested, be sure to check in with your doctor to rule out any other illnesses. Remember to check in on your Jaguar family and share your knowledge so we can all get through this together!