The top jags of the year: Trinity Tang and Rasika Sriram

Julianna Perez, Staff Writer

   As the school year comes to a close, it is the time to acknowledge our 2023 graduating class with waves of goodbye and cheers. When it comes to this, Charter takes choosing who gets special recognition very carefully. Jaguar Pride, an award which congratulates only some of the most hardworking, yet most involved students, has been finally given to those worthy. With great enthusiasm and excitement, Trinity Tang and Rasika Sriram have been given the honor to represent the Jaguar Pride award. 

   Behind this award comes the idea of choosing students that properly represent the class of 2023’s morals, drive, and intelligence throughout these four years. What this award means to Charter is what a true Jaguar is. This being not only very intelligent, but has a large amount of involvement in the school and in the community. It is important that the person chosen shows true, good moral character while still being a stellar student. 

   With this honor of being given the award, the winners will have to deliver a speech at graduation. To share their experiences, connect with their peers for the last time, and make those few hours the most memorable yet is a very intimidating task. “Of course they are all so smart…but we look for their involvement in our school and community as well.  And, we consider their presence before the committee during their interview–after all, they will have to deliver a speech to literally thousands of people…” says Mr Bayer on making this decision.

      To the committee members, Trinity Tang was one of the two  students who was perfect for this honor. As a part of  Summa Cum Laude, this acknowledges that she is part of the 5%. Along with being extremely talented and intelligent in her classes, she is strongly involved in the community and along with that, very passionate. Throughout her years here at charter, Trinity has been Key Club president, Asian Pacific Islander Association co-founder and president, Student Council secretary, Model United Nations secretary, and National English Honor Society (NEHS) events coordinator. With these very impressive qualities and experiences comes hard determination and work. “It’s very difficult to balance everything, but it’s easier having genuine interest and passion in what I have to do,” says Trinity. 

   Trinity will not be delivering her speech by herself, but along with her good friend, Rasika Sriram. Rasika represents every quality that is and forever will be a true Jaguar. Along with Trinity, Rasika carries a strong academic record and is in the 5% as well. Rasika is dedicated to her work, but makes sure that she represents herself in a kind manner in her community. Sriram’s strong voice in the community is represented by her being president of the Indian Student Association, congress captain of the debate team, NEHS vice president, Key Club vice president, Student Council student body reporter, and a member of National Honor Society, Rho Khappa, and Mu Alpha Theta. 

    After leaving her place in Charter, it is important to properly lead the future generations in the right direction. “My advice to underclassmen is to work hard and play hard. Hard work is ultimately the biggest tool for success and will set you up for your future… but never forget to take breaks and take risks! High school is about having fun and making memories,” explains Jaguar Pride winner, Rasika. 

   Rasika and Trinity are going to carry their bright and very promising future in the fall at University of Florida. But, for now, in a few weeks time, they will lead their class into the next years of their life with inspiring words and energy.