Grad Bash: A Time To Make Memories

Olivia Ramos, Staff Writer

   On April 28, 2023, at 1:15 p.m, the seniors of Pines Charter surrounded the ROG, excitedly waiting to get on their assigned buses to experience the most anticipated day of the year: Grad Bash. A Charter tradition, Grad Bash is a day designated for all Broward seniors to explore Universal Studios and Isle of Adventures. 

   Many of the seniors have been mentally and physically preparing for a long 16 hour day, foreshadowing long lines, deep talks with close friends, screaming, and most importantly, the strict 2 A.M. deadline to return back to the bus. Senior Camille Excell talked about her experience with enthusiasm, saying “Grad Bash was a great experience! To be able to hang out with friends all night long and go on rides was fresh and exciting compared to the day to day school environment we are usually in…overall it was a great trip, I would definitely recommend it for upcoming upperclassmen!” She explained further about how busy it could be, from the diners all around the parks to the concession stands serving butters beers and sodas. “When you get there I say ride first and eat last, because some rides close early and the lines are long so you want to get the most out of your time there,” she explains.

   Before the day of the actual Grad Bash, there were heaps of documents and paperwork necessary to qualify for the trip: five signed agreements and documents implying the rules and regulations, as well as clarifying and putting down any medical deformities or issues that must be taken care of. The payments were separated in increments of $80, and the last one was $75. Each senior had to come after school to give the paperwork and deposit on designated days before the trip actually took place. Many of the students weren’t pleased with the regulations and even some thought it was a little strict. Hannah Freeman, a senior, said “Grad Bash was really great but I believe that the restrictions were too strict. The bus ride was great but heading back it was very cold and I couldn’t even bring a blanket. Everyone was starving on the bus as well– they should’ve allowed at least a snack. The park was great though, having both parks for the seniors was great and we had more than enough time to ride all the rides we wanted. So overall I can’t complain but I wish it could’ve been better.” With all that though, there were some parts of the trip that could have been better for all seniors, no one truly had a bad experience.

  Each experience was different for many of the seniors, some had a splendid time filled with laughs and humor while others were stressed and overstimulated. Even so, all would say that in between all of the stressful situations, the memories spent with friends was something that would stay with them for a very long time. Senior Abigail Hoffenden adds that the best part of the experience was being able to hangout with friends and making more memories before graduation. Many of the seniors were more excited due to this being their first highschool trip, since everything was cut short due to COVID. Leanna Brereton, someone who was specifically ecstatic about the whole trip said, “Grad Bash was just as I expected to be honest, I really loved it. It was a great way to close out the year especially since COVID took away all of our end of year trips. The only complaint I have is that they closed the best rides too early and everyone was starving at the end but other than that it created great memories with my friends.”

   Grad Bash was an experience for all seniors, whether good or bad. It was a time to spend time with friends and make some fond memories while being at the two parks. For seniors, this was something that was extremely anticipated, and though it may have been stressful, the groups that the seniors with made up for any bad experience.