What Exams Are The Hardest To Study For?

Alexandra Kouropteva, Staff Writer

   End-of-the-year testing is one of the most stressful times during the entirety of the school year. State testing, international exams, finals, and EOCs are all happening. For each one of those tests, studying is a vital part of passing them, but which exam is the hardest to study for?


“The hardest exam I have studied for is AP psychology. Leading up to my assessment, the curriculum has proven to be very difficult and strenuous on my self and mental health. My genuine excitement was dashed away upon the discovery [that] the sheer amount of material needed to be covered within the time frame was too strict. We did not have enough time to properly divulge into each lesson so that the class may have a great understanding. I believe that AP psychology can be a truly amazing class, however, the material within the timeframe, in addition to the exam, is very stressful.” – Junior Kameron Dunkley


“I think the hardest exam to study for is AP. I have only taken one AICE and two AP. I think AP is the hardest because it has a lot of information and details you need to memorize. You have to fully understand the content and know how to apply it for the FRQs. With AP, you need to do a lot of practice questions and FRQs. Also for this test, I think the score you get matters more than if you just pass. I think the difficulty in studying for the exams depends on if your teacher taught during the year and if you paid attention in class. Starting to study at least a month before your AP exam is helpful so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the information.” – Junior Andrea Porras


“AICE is the hardest to study for because of the fewer resources being available due to its unpopularity in the US. AP has more resources that a person can use to study. Along with that Aice classes are written responses while AP is mainly multiple choice.” – Sophomore Jayden Coy


“The hardest exam for me to study for is the AP exams. AP exams have rigorous requirements and lots of material to cover. AP exams also include lots of complex thinking skills and question types.” – Senior Harris Khan


“I have taken quite a few exams— AICE, AP, EOCs, and FSAs, but overall I think that AICE is the hardest test to study for. For the other tests like AP, EOCs, and the FSA, it is mainly multiple choice, so you can study the material, and that is it. But with AICE, it is written responses, this makes it difficult to know what exact material to study. That is why I think AICE is the hardest exam to study for.” – Junior Isabella Alvarez


“I think that the hardest test to study for is the EOC. I have only taken the FSA/FAST and the EOC but out of those tests, the EOC is definitely the hardest to study for. This is because for the FSA/FAST you just were tested on the subject overall like ELA and Math. There isn’t a textbook for you to study off of, it’s just basic knowledge. But the EOC is on specific things, so it is harder to study for. If I were to give a studying tip, I would say use flashcards.” – Freshman Matthew Lewis


“Out of all the exams, I think the SAT is the hardest to study for. For AICE, AP, FAST, etc, one has to study one topic like geometry or U.S. history. But for the SAT, you have to study everything from grammar, geometry, and algebra. This makes it harder to study since you have to understand such a large amount of information.” Sophomore Valentina Mesa