Is There a Sudden Drop in Teenage Drivers?

Olivia Ramos, Staff Writer

   Throughout high school, many students share excitement when it comes to growing up and getting their driver’s licenses. Recently, however, there has been a decline in such desire and the craving to become one step closer to an adult. Maybe it’s the lack of independence or even just simple laziness. Many students of Pines Charter have expressed their own opinions about their experiences in receiving their permits or licenses. 


“I don’t have time. I’ve become dependent on my mom to drop me off. Even so, I think there is a push because I’m heading to college, and I want to explore the world.” – Senior Hannah Freeman


“There is a rush, I need a license for college because I’m commuting to Nova. I don’t have time; I have too many clubs and responsibilities that I deem more important since I’m the president of SGA.” – Senior Kymora Stewart


“I don’t have either [a permit or a license], I’m too lazy to actually take the test. I kind of feel there is a rush because [of] the urge to drive anywhere I want.” – Sophomore Sto’kia Mccorvey


“[I have my] permit. I felt the rush because I was excited to drive anywhere I wanted. I just got it, so I have to wait a year but I’m happy I at least got my [permit].” – Sophomore Sophia Goris


“[I have my] permit. I didn’t feel the rush or push— I just wanted to drive. I have 6 more months until my license. I’m excited to get my license though, because I can independently drive and not bother my parents” – Sophomore David Munez

“I have my license. I wasn’t rushed by anyone but myself.  I can take myself anywhere I want, and I don’t have to worry about someone having to pick me up.” – Senior Hailey Cajigas


“[I have my] license. There was a push and rush to get my license because I had always been scared to drive, and everyone around me had already gotten theirs. It gave me anxiety to start, but once I got the hang of it I was excited because it gave me more freedom.” – Senior Briana Cajigas


“I wanted to get my permit as quickly as possible, but my parents were really telling me I should get my license already because picking me up from school was a hassle. It took time away from their jobs, and they worked so far, so the best option was for me to get my license since I already had a car from my permit. And honestly, I’m glad they did. There are students in my grade who haven’t even gotten their permits yet, and it’s just better to be the one to drive yourself everywhere. It’s a good responsibility to have.” – Junior Jaslyn Torres


“I’m eligible for my license, though I just haven’t made any effort to get it… I just haven’t found any time to actually practice driving. Plus, I’m not super inclined to have my parents teach me to drive better or drive with me. Plus, getting an appointment is impossible.” – Junior Isabella Ruz