Jena Jump starts Seniors’ Spirits

Michael Muela, Sports Editor

  This was supposed to be the best year of seniors’ lives. But it took an unexpected turn, leaving without a Grad Bash trip, quarantined in homes, unable to go to school and see friends, and a high probability of losing prom and graduation. However, one senior is trying to uplift Charter’s spirits during this troublesome time, and her name is Jena Manning. 

  Jena Manning is among the 428 seniors that will graduate in May. She, too, has lost her Grad Bash opportunity, amongst other senior events. However, in light of the quarantine, she decided to create an Instagram page dedicated to writing biographies on every jag in the Class of 2020. “I decided to start the account around the 2nd week into quarantine,” Manning said. “I’ve always wanted to find a way to bring our class together, to be honest. And so this idea of making ‘biographical posts’ came to mind. I just never really had the time until it came to this quarantine. But I feel that this is a very good time to have started it because it’s sad that us seniors have lost a major part of our senior year that we were supposed to spend together. I also gained much inspiration from Kelsey’s @pcdisposables account too!” Jena’s account is undoubtedly a great way to show seniors appreciation for one another.

  Jena basically made this account for Charter seniors to get to know each other better. “This page, I wish, is really aimed to serve as comfort during quarantine as we seniors don’t know what’s going to happen for us at all. I hope that the account can make the seniors all connect somehow, in either learning new things about someone or even getting to know and relate to another for the first time altogether. I hope that even if we don’t get our grad bash and EF tours, this is the one little thing we can at least reflect on.” Manning posts 10 new biographies every 4-5 days on the account at a time. She also stated that “honestly, for every 10 seniors, I try to find a variety of individuals from different social circles and of different personalities. I don’t want to leave anyone out.” Despite the 428 seniors, Manning is assured to leave no one out. 

  When all of this is said and done, will Jenna keep posting on the account? Her answer: yes. “I would definitely love to continue posting my class after school ends but only if the quarantine continues though. Without the quarantine, I may have a lot of things going on, especially since we’d all be out and about for the first time in weeks. If there is a chance of posting, I’ll be posting not as many bios as I am right now.” For now, we want to thank Jena Manning for comforting jags through this tough time. We’ll be back together before we know it.