Sabrina’s Dream Taking a Detour

  The virus known worldwide put a halt in many seniors’ plans, including the biggest move and next major step in their lives: college. For Sabrina Briceno, COVID-19 has made the whole college process much more difficult to navigate. Sabrina is currently a senior and planning on going to the University of Florida as the class of 2024. During spring break, she along with her friends were planning on traveling across the country to their possible, potential, and dream schools. However, with the coronavirus forcing us into quarantine and under lockdown she explained, “Now that we don’t have that option, and deciding on college is a lot more difficult”. Along with having to make the tough decision of which college to pick virtually, registration has served as another issue. Briceno claimed, “Even registering for colleges becomes more difficult  because there’s paperwork that needs to be given in person, which we can’t do.” However, through all the difficulties and hardships, Sabrina sees the “silver lining” in it all. She discussed that although this is all hard, “colleges have been more relaxed with registration and payment deadlines. Some colleges have even offered online tours and orientations to make up for what we lose with coronavirus.” When asked about how she would feel if college were to start online, she voiced, “I’d probably take a gap year to be honest. It’s super important to me to have the total college experience and live in a new place. So, possibly starting college online would be the worst thing”. She’d use this gap year to save up on money for when she can finally live on campus. The corona virus has proven to test our abilities, but Sabrina continues to look forward with positivity and hope for the future.