Mr. Jag Canceled: A Profile on Blake Rodriguez


Ariana Ortiz, Web Editor

  Senior boys dreamed of the spotlight overlooking a crowd of adoring friends and family all waiting for them to dazzle with their incredible dance moves and amazing spirit. Sadly, coronavirus had other plans for the seniors. After hours of dance practice, early morning meetings, and stage rehearsals, Mr. Jag was canceled five days before the event. 

  Mr. Jag contestant Blake Rodriguez was devastated by the news. He had given up his precious extra hour of sleep granted by senior privilege and woke up bright and early every Tuesday and Thursday for two months to learn the dance ensemble. He and the other boys gathered in the dance studio to be taught by the PPCHS dance team. Blake was planning on putting on a show-stopping performance with his two best friends, Julian Infante and Nico Amad. The trio were putting hours of practice into perfecting their dance moves and lip synching skills for their talent. Blake knew that his number would have been a crowd favorite and was excited to spread joy to the audience. At the spring pep rally, Blake and another fellow Mr. Jag contestant performed a sneak peek of their group dance and the crowd went wild! However, for Blake that performance was painful to do knowing the show had already been canceled. He looked at Mr. Jag not as a competition, but as a union of graduating seniors having their final fun as adolescents. For him, Mr.Jag was all about the experience and the bonds he would make with the boys. Even though the event was cancelled, he still had the opportunity to share amazing moments with the other contestants and build memories they will all carry for the rest of their lives.