Jasmine Glover’s SAT Reaction

Samantha Miragliotta, Social Media Assistant

  In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the SAT was cancelled for all Broward students. What was supposed to occur on the second of May of 2020 is now postponed to the fourteenth of March of 2021. However, this was cancelled as well and now we await possible testing dates for the future. 

  This may take longer than expected, so students at PPCHS must wait it out, even though it may be difficult during these times. Junior Jasmine Glover stated that “[she] feels as if [her] future has been put on pause, because [she] really relied on this score to apply to colleges such as UM and UF.” Clearly, Glover and other students have a right to be upset and anxious about the uncertain times ahead. The world as we know is changing before our eyes, so it is no surprise that they would not only worry about the future of their school and education, but how their entire future will change. 

  While education is one of the main reasons why students are finding it hard to cope with the news, guidance counselors at Pembroke Pines Charter High School are reaching out and trying their best to ensure that students don’t feel unwanted pressure. For instance, they’ve even opened their office hours for students in need via email and have implemented “Guidance Fridays” activities as well. Most students have agreed that these attempts definitely work. Guidance Counselors have prepared various tips to help students cope with issues such as the SAT being postponed. Glover additionally expressed that, “Although [she] didn’t reach out to a guidance counselor yet, [she] is optimistic about the future ahead.” All students at PPCHS, including Glover, can do at this moment is hope for the best and maybe even use this extra time as preparation. Overall, thinking positive and consulting with a guidance counselor is really all one can do at the moment until the pandemic passes.