Distanced But United

Maxine Martinez, Features Editor

  As the coronavirus continues to spread, the citizens of the world are urged to maintain their distance from others and stay inside; and yet, in a time where isolation is encouraged, the world seems to be united. In order to combat the many stresses and hardships that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, many local organizations have stepped up to help support the community. 

  The coronavirus has made it extremely difficult for citizens and even more for those working in health care. As people stocked up in masks, gloves, and other protective wear, it has led to a shortage of equipment available to those working in the frontline of COVID-19. In an effort to help reduce the decrease in supplies, Florida International University partnered with Baptist Health South Florida. The school is using their technology to print 3D face masks that will hopefully help reduce the risk of infection to those working in Baptist Health. 

  Tourism is one of the main industries in South Florida, and much of that tourism is fueled by our culture and art that thrives in the Miami Metropolitan area. “I think that a lot of artists come to Miami because in a way, we are a hub for art. While there are ways to buy art online and these artists can push their work digitally, it is way harder for them to get noticed and to get a lot of business (…) So while buying art online is an option, I personally feel like COVID-19 will severely affect these artists because most sales happen in person and that is no longer an option right now,” expressed sophomore Sa’nyaa Rosquete. That’s why Oolite Arts is offering relief funds of up to $500 for artists. This local organization along with many others such as Artists Relief, Artists Trust, and I Care If You Listen are aiming to support the arts in a time where they are at a detrimental risk of collapse.

  One of the most obvious effects of the pandemic for everyone is the possibility of lower income and food/resource shortages. Junior Patrick Ryan suggested that “the biggest issue arising from COVID-19 is unemployment. With the world going into a complete shutdown, numerous businesses have closed or shut down, not allowing people to work and make an income.” Luckily, organizations like Feeding South Florida have continuously offered support to those who are in need through “application assistance, access to our choice pantry, referrals for longer-term food assistance at a partner agency, and home delivery for qualified individuals,” (feedingsouthflorida.org). It is through institutions like this that people can survive through difficult times. 

  While the advocate for social distancing and quarantine is the main focus of COVID-19 coverage, by no means does that equate to people being alone in terms of their struggles. The pandemic is a global issue, and it is through organizations that care for their community that we stay united and strong.