Softball Season Ends too Soon

Morgan Lind, Clubs Editor

    For PPCHS Varsity softball captains Erika Andal and Ariana Carreno, having their last high school season was supposed to be a special one, but that all came to an end with COVID-19. Erika and Ariana both started playing softball around the age of nine and continued playing for the last eight years. Being able to play their last season of high school softball should be memorable, but with recent events, their last season ended too soon. When asked how they feel about this Erika expresses, “I can’t help but feel a little disappointed… it’s my last season and I really felt like we were underdogs. We definitely could’ve gone so far and I would’ve loved to play my last season with such a fun and energetic team”. Just two years prior, the Varsity softball team won the state championship and was on the road to do it again. With that, Erika hoped to go to states one last time and Ariana was excited for their senior night. With the team helping out to make it special, their night would’ve been one to remember, but shortly before that event wasn’t able to happen, leaving them disappointed and saddened. “It will be difficult because I will never get my closure on that long chapter of my life”, states Ariana. Student-athletes pour their hearts into their sport(s) and to have it be cut short can not only potentially impact their chances of becoming collegiate athletes but deprives them of life long memories made during their senior year season.