ChatGPT: Harmful or Helpful for Students?

Samantha Miragliotta, Co-Managing Editor

   ChatGPT is an artificial language model created by Open AI based on the GPT-3 architecture. It is designed to generate human-like responses to natural language input, which makes it useful as a virtual assistant or translator. However, this website has people worried about its actual accuracy and its potential to perpetuate misinformation. Students have a range of feelings about ChatGPT depending on how it’s used and what it’s for: some may say it’s being used as a replacement for critical thinking, while others consider it a tool for learning. 

   Below, students answer a question about this trending AI tool and voice some of their opinions on the subject:

 “What is Chat GPT? How do you feel about it?”


“I think that ChatGPT is very innovative and really shows how far that technology has progressed over the years. I have tried the website and it’s amazing how you can ask it any question and it usually has an answer to things I have always wanted to know.” Junior, Carlos Montesdeoca 


“ChatGPT is a virtual assistant or, like, an AI tool that helps generate responses to questions that you ask or topics that you want to learn about. I think that it is a very cool technological advancement and I only worry that it might not all be correct information. That’s why I think it’s always important to fact check.” – Junior, Julia Lobodinski 


“I have not used ChatGPT myself, but I have heard about it from friends and have seen it used online, actually. One of the times I have seen it used was for a comedic skit that was really funny. I think it is a great multipurpose AI medium and has great comedic utility.” – Senior, Angelina Galvez 


“I think ChatGPT is very versatile and has the ability to perform a large amount of tasks. Its an exciting development of how AI technology has evolved and its very cool how it can have human-like conversations” – Senior, Connor Pierce 


“I feel ChatGPT is a complex assistant that helps people with several tasks and can have conversations online. I feel like Chat GPT is breaking new grounds in AI technology.” – Sophomore, Leah Miragliotta


“I think that with Cha GPT comes several advantages for students on the learning side but there are also some negatives. For instance, I love the fact that it has a wide variety of tools that you can use to edit and refine your writing but also different things that you can learn. But I think that sometimes it may not all be accurate. ” – Junior, Sarah Schnell