Water Polo Plays Huge Role in Captain’s Life


Rebecca Lim and Molly Masson (YB)

 Sophomore Stella Diogaurdi is a water polo captain for Charter’s varsity team. She’s been playing the sport since she was in seventh grade, and originally started in order to feel closer to her late brother. Her passion eventually led to her being chosen as a captain in her sophomore  year, which is extremely rare. 

 She has been able to showcase her leadership skills this past season and share her passion for the sport with her teammates in the Forza Stefano Tournament. The tournament is held by Stella’s family and the PC Athletics Department, in remembrance of her brother Stefano, who passed away from cancer a few years ago. Forza Stefano is a non-profit organization that helps the families of young cancer patients. She explains, “Leading the girls team at the Forza Stefano Tournament was definitely one for the books…this tournament doesn’t only symbolize water polo but the effect Stefano had in the community when he was in the water with his teammates.” Both water polo and Forza Stefano are extremely close to her heart, and her unwavering  dedication to both is evident. 

 Despite the challenges this past season, such as the pool undergoing repairs and cancellation of the season due to Covid-19, Stella has remained positive. She believes that facing challenges made the team play even better. Stella also says that the team has decided to hold a senior night through Zoom so that the seniors have something to leave Charter and water polo with. 

 Stella has been able to create lasting memories and relationships with her teammates through water polo. She hopes that they know that lessons learned in the water can be applied to real life. Looking ahead, Dioguardi hopes to play water polo professionally at a division 1 school.