Best Buddies Online Friendship Walk


Samantha Cruz and Jack Simpkin

      No matter how distanced the world seems to be, somehow there is a sense of community that has brought everyone closer than ever before. This is the reality for Alai Araujo and all the other members of Best Buddies, a global group dedicated to promoting a message of inclusion to those with disabilities. Alai has been part of this club within the school since freshman year, working as a host coordinator by tenth grade, event coordinator in eleventh, and finally Vice President in her senior year. She radiates dedication and has seen the club within our school grow and thrive through her time. With the sudden change, however, it seems that the yearly “Friendship Walk” has been shifted to the digital world. This is something nobody saw coming, yet at a time like this, it is about adaptation. She knows that this moment is meant to be a celebration towards the funding efforts of her fellow peers along with those also joined in Best Buddies. Even though her senior year feels shorter, there is something inspiring to be taken out of this moment. In her own words, “Take advantage of this time to do things with your family and those close to you. I’m leaving the state for college and I know I’ll appreciate these moments later.” This walk, though digital, brings a message of hope for a future beyond this uncertain one.

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