What It’s Like to Have a Parent On the Frontlines of The Battle Against COVID-19

Rebecca Lim, Staff Writer

  From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to now, things have drastically changed. People all over the world have been told to stay home and stop almost all aspects of their day-to-day life. However, medical workers and other essential workers are expected to show up to work as normal and possibly risk their lives and health in doing so. 

  Freshman Christy Joshy’s mother is a nurse at Memorial Regional Hospital.  Not only has her mother’s normal work schedule been disrupted, but she has even worked in units where she has come in contact with coronavirus patients. Christy communicates, “ I am scared she could get it [COVID-19] because a hospital is one of the most vulnerable places…  especially with the shortage in medical supplies, it isn’t for sure that the medical workers are completely safe.” Despite this, though, she says of having a parent in the medical field during this situation; “Personally, I feel like it is a great thing because I know my mom is doing a great job, even before this, because her duty is to save lives and that is a very respectable thing.” Although not everyone can relate to or understand the feeling of being concerned for your parent’s life, everyone can show appreciation for these brave essential workers. 

  In the past few weeks, there has been an outpour of support, appreciation, and encouragement from the public for medical workers including nurses, doctors, and paramedics. Christy Joshy expresses her gratitude for this, saying “People are finally realizing the value of our doctors and nurses and everyone else in the medical field, because it isn’t an easy job, especially in times like this.” She believes that everyone should understand and respect the courage essential workers have for putting their lives on the line daily, for the benefit of the entire country.

  Christy is lucky enough that her mother, and the people at her mother’s workplace, haven’t gotten the virus so far. Even though this pandemic is terrifying, she remains hopeful and confident that her mother will be okay, and that this whole situation will be over soon.