Is Online School Helping or Hurting Students?

Rebecca Lim, Staff Writer

“I like online school because I get to work at my own pace; I can focus on a class each day since I work ahead. However, sometimes I stress myself out because I’ll forget that when I’m working ahead, the assignment isn’t actually due until later. Overall I think it has helped my mental health because I’m not overwhelmed with having to finish the work by the end of class.” – Trisha Villanueva (9th)


“Despite the situation going on, I think my mental health is doing better with online school because I can work at my own pace and I’m not as stressed out.” – Ashley Feng (10th)


“Online school for me feels like a whole change of pace. At first I thought I could do my work whenever I please. Instead, it feels like I’m being bombarded by work, due dates, and constant worry. To me, it feels disorganized but I know I’ll get through it! This whole situation hasn’t really impacted me mentally since I have been able to ground myself with drumming and playing old nostalgic games with friends!” – Anthony Silin (11th)


“Online school by far is the worst quarter I’ve had in the past 13 years. Canvas is disorganized, and I have no motivation to do any assignments. I enjoyed the first two weeks of quarantine, but as each day passes by, I find myself feeling more exhausted, even with my 8 hours of sleep from my 4am-12pm sleeping schedule.” – Mya St. Louis (12th)