Mrs. HD’s Difficulty with Virtual Science

Nicole Llanes, Social Media Manager

  With school transferring online all teachers have had to find ways to best accommodate each of their students. Online assignments, zoom video chats, and voice over learning have become the only accessible way. However, the biggest difficulty with online learning is handed to science teachers, such as Ms.Hernandez-Davis.  

  Ms. Hernandez-Davis is a science teacher who teaches both AP Biology and Chemistry, and she likes to work with her students head-on so she can be there to assist them whenever. She explained how difficult it is for teachers in the science department saying, “We can’t replace the hands-on activities that help students visualize and engage in science”. At home many students don’t have access to the proper chemicals or science and safety equipment to complete reactions. Reactions and experiments are major components of chemistry so instead of performing them face-to-face, Ms.Hernandez-Davis is forced to post videos demonstrating them. Most importantly, the most complex lessons of science come in at the end of the year, and for Ms.Hernandez-Davis these lessons are stoichiometry for her Chemistry students and bacterial operons in AP Biology. One small move can mess up whole equations and she was typically right by the side of her students each step to guide them. This change online has brought her many challenges and difficulties but she’s trying her best to ensure her students get a proper understanding of the material. As well, she stated, “I miss the connection with my students”. Ms.Hernandez-Davis was always very caring and maintained steady relationships with all her students. Whenever there was a misunderstanding or hardship, she was ready for it. This change may continue to bring difficulties, but Ms.Hernandez-Davis will continue to work her hardest for all her students.