Mr. G’s Real Life History Lesson

Nicole Llanes, Social Media Manager

     When the news first appeared that a new virus called COVID-19 was spreading throughout China, no one really expected much. However, once these cases began to increase worldwide, the realization came that this was much more than they expected, it was history in the making. For Mr.Grijalva this is exactly how he saw it and almost a coincidence in his teaching. Mr.Grijalva is a history teacher, who’s worked at Pembroke Pines Charter for years. He’s passionate about his work and ensures his students get the best and proper teaching. Before school had come to a halt, his AICE International Students had just learned about the Great Depression and stock market crash. Who would’ve known in only a few days his students would be making a real-life and current comparison to those of 100 years ago during the Great Depression. When asked how he felt about COVID-19 he claimed, “Unexpected! – History in the making! Stressful and scary times! Interesting! (in an ironic way).” These words are the best explanation for what’s going on. Although he’s away from his students he sees this virus as a learning opportunity on multiple accounts. With having to move online he’s been able to learn many new ways and approaches to learning. He claimed the whole process was “hectic, fast-paced, and scary at times”, but most importantly he sees moving online as a self-reflection of who we are. He states the move “teaches us a lot about ourselves. It shows us how flexible and adaptable we are or not. It showed me to remember what a gift and great fortune it is to be a part of the school and students’ lives, and what a profoundly important part of my life that is. I miss it a lot.” Its certain COVID-19 will continue to make changes and have a lasting impact. As Mr.Grijalva says, “I will never forget this experience!”