Vince’s Virus Opportunity

Michael Muela, Sports Editor

   Vince Berardino is just one of the 428 seniors who’ll be graduating on May 29th. He was looking forward to spending the remainder of his senior year with his friends and working to add some quick cash to his wallet before leaving for college, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he can no longer spend time with his friends. 

   However, he is still able to work. Vince works in the produce department at Publix, which is probably the busiest business right now due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19. He stresses, “I’m very thankful that I’m still able to work, as a lot of people aren’t due to the virus. Publix has been taking really good care of the employees during all this, but I hope it ends soon because this situation creates so much stress for everybody.” Vince is blessed to not only remain healthy, but continue to do what he loves to do. He’s a very hard worker and cares a lot about everything that he does. This virus is nothing like we’ve ever seen before.  

   We pray that Vince continues to be able to work and that he remains healthy and safe during this time. We also wish that others who have the same opportunities that Vince does will remain safe. We’ll all get through this virus together, and everything will be back to normal sooner, rather than later. Just stay safe and stay healthy for everyone. It’s the only way that we’re going to get better and recover.