What Works Better for Headphones: Wired or Wireless?

Samantha Miragliotta, Managing Editor


The argument between wired and wireless headphones has been ongoing for a long time. The type of headphones you choose depends on your individual preferences and needs. Wired headphones generally provide a more reliable and stable audio connection, while Bluetooth headphones offer the convenience of wireless connectivity and portability. Whether one enhances the music quality or not is subjective and may also depend on the quality of the headphones themselves. Here are some students’ replies to the question below: 

Question: Wired headphones vs. Bluetooth headphones, which one is preferred? Why? Does it enhance the music?

I prefer bluetooth headphones because they are easier and more efficient. Most of the time wired headphones get tangled in your bag and each time you take them out of your bag you have to untangle them. with bluetooth headphones you don’t have that problem, you can just take the headphone out of its charging case and proceed to listen to whatever you want.– Sophomore Sophia Ryan


“I prefer Bluetooth headphones because it’s easier to do tasks like homework or chores. It enhances the music experience for me because it feels less restrictive without wires holding me down.” – Junior Jennifer Thompson


“I prefer wired headphones because they provide a cooler aesthetic and give me more confidence. They are more of an accessory than the one with wires.” -Senior Branden Vasquez 


“I prefer bluetooth headphones like airpods because I don’t have to worry about my headphones getting tangled or unorganized in my bag. Airpods also allow me to share my audio with up to three people, whereas wires don’t have this feature.” – Junior Katheline Reyes


“I prefer wired headphones because it’s louder and sometimes I drop my phone and it catches the phone. It enhances the music for me and it’s very comfortable with my piercings.” – Junior Karina Claros


“I prefer Bluetooth headphones over wired headphones because they are easier to use and allow for a better listening experience. For example, Bluetooth headphones help me to stay focused on my tasks when I’m doing school work or going to the gym without the worry of it falling out of my ears all the time.” – Junior Julia Lobodzinski


“I use mainly wired headphones because they are easier for me to transport. I don’t have to charge it and it’s more comfortable for me to use, especially when I want to chill and relax, not having something bulky around my head or easy to lose like air pods.” – Junior Sarah Schnell


“I prefer Bluetooth because they’re easier to take around and don’t slip off. Unlike airpods, my Beats headphones don’t get lost easily and are comfortable for me and block out any sounds in the background and let me just hear my music because of the noise cancellation.” – Senior Natalia Qunitero