Working Out of This Quarantine

Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

   For athletes, times like this quarantine are usually thought of as a break and time to take off of their regular season of sports. Although this virus is a global pandemic, student athletes are using this period to work on themselves and be the “one percent”, and many charter athletes are continuing to work out. In fact, working out during this pandemic is a common practice among most athletes around the world. It is seen as a way to relieve stress and a way to maintain normalcy. 

    Some athletes are approaching working out in a more relaxed way. Freshman Joel Enriquez expressed, “This virus has actually given me a sense of relief, it lets me recover from baseball season at my own pace and work out at my own rate.” Joel admits that a rest is needed to get back to 100 percent. Some athletes however, have more strict ways of approaching this quarantine phase. Senior Sebastian Arango has different views on working out during quarantine. Arango stated, “Since the second week of quarantine, I’ve been cutting my calories due to the limited amount of time I have outside. I do anything from 45 minutes to an hour with jump ropes or weights daily with only one day breaks”. Students like Arango are trying to stay consistent throughout this period. 

  Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic could affect our mental health, which in turn, could definitely affect our physical health, especially athletes. With all the facilities closed and seasons canceled, COVID-19 has changed our routines. Junior Matthew Gordon explained, “This period of time is rough, with online school, and no soccer. Working out really does help improve my mind.” Working out certainly not only helps us physically but mentally as well.  

  With all the doubt, sophomore Carlos Betancur says, “As much as working out helps me get through these times, I just wish all the facilities would open back up. Working out is very important in my life.” Carlos speaks for the majority of athletes, and the world in general.

  As much as this time in life is like no other, people should really consider working out as a form of stress relief. As shown by these student-athletes, staying active can really improve your quality of life during these uncertain times. Being active is key to killing time, and staying safe during quarantine.