How Charter Spends Their Day of Love

Julianna Perez, Staff Writer

   When thinking of February, the first thing that comes to mind is the idea of love and with that, Valentine’s Day. The traditional idea is to spend the day with a significant other and find comfort in each other’s company; however, some Charter students have put their own spin on their Valentine’s Day plans this year. 

Question: How are students planning on spending Valentine’s Day? 


“Me and my friends, Claire, Yezmar, and Mya are going to do a Valentine’s sleepover. I’m also going to go on a little Galentine’s date with my other close friend.” -Sophomore Molly Touhy


 “I don’t have any interest in Valentine’s Day, so I just plan to sleep.” -Sophomore Marcus Mendez 


“My plans for Valentine’s Day [are] to make a whole bunch of heart shaped treats and to just enjoy my day doing that.” -Junior Coralie Richardson


“I plan on taking my girlfriend out to a nice dinner and spending time with her this Valentine’s Day.” -Sophomore Anthony Medrano 


“I will probably make plans with my friends. I was thinking we could do something like watch movies and eat some good food together.” -Freshman Jada Garcon  


“I plan on going out and getting dinner with my boyfriend at Pembroke Gardens. This is our second Valentine’s together, and I’m so excited to go out and spend quality time with him!” -Freshman Krystal Castro 


“I’m going to watch the Champions League with Messi vs Bayern. I might eat a chocolate or two as well.” -Sophomore Lucas Gorziglia


   With new ways to spend Valentine’s Day replacing the standard, the day can be enjoyable, valentine or not.