Coronavirus Coping Mechanism: Charter Bingos


Morgan Lind, Clubs Editor

    With schools being moved online, and students having to stay at home all day for the past month, many PPCHS students have learned to be creative. One thing that students have been doing is something called “quarantine bingos” where you can pick any topic and play the bingo by crossing off what you’ve done. Many students across the county have made their own bingos for their particular schools, and have shared it amongst social media to show others.

  Students at Pines Charter have been completing and reposting the “Pines Charter bingo.” The charter bingo has boxes dedicated to widespread PPCHS traditions/events, like going to pep rally, or including taking a particular class. Being a charter starter is even one of the boxes! Senior Giulia Martins states, “The bingos that have been created, and it is something entertaining while we are all in quarantine. It’s like an interesting way to get to know other people who you can’t physically meet or talk to.” These bingos can help students meet others, and possibly bond or create friendships over it. 

  COVID-19 has affected everyone greatly, and for students being stuck at home and not being able to see their friends and teachers face-to-face can become hard for them, which is why activities such as these “quarantine bingos” are useful in entertaining. As well, Junior Kolbie Guerrero states, “I think it helps us cope a lot by showing what we have and haven’t done.” Pines charter students, regardless of their grade, also think the bingos are a fun way to take our minds off of what is happening, at least for 5 minutes. Shravya Sarreddy expresses, “Ever since COVID-19 has kept us in quarantine, I’ve been so bored every day not knowing what to do, but the Charter bingos have helped with the boredom and given me something to complete.” Completing these charter bingos have let our minds reminisce about the fun times at school with our friends, and a lot of us miss that.

  Coronavirus and its effects have students everywhere are at home bored, not just students from PPCHS. With the addition of these harmless trends going around, like the bingos, we can use some of our spare time and have fun while doing so. Finding ways to entertain ourselves during this pandemic by using these quarantine bingos takes the stress off of our backs, as online school ramps up.