Renaissance Fair: What It’s Like to Step Into a Time Machine

Iris Lee, Student Life Editor

   After an hour-long bus drive, dozens of footsteps stumbled out of the bright yellow bus, immediately greeted by the powerful rays of the sun. A gentle breeze welcomed incoming visitors, carrying a hint of excitement in the air. While students lined up waiting for their wristbands, they were met with wizards, pirates, and even plague doctors. Yet, it wasn’t a dream. As soon as they entered the fair, it was like stepping directly into a chapter straight from the 1500s. “There were huts and many shops to go to… they were more like tents. Every employee there acted like a certain character,” explains junior Nathan Josue. 


   On February 6th, students at Pembroke Pines Charter High School attended the 31st annual Florida Renaissance Fair, and it was like walking into a fairy tale. Students and employees alike were dressed head to toe with old-fashioned clothes, corresponding to their chosen character. Dressing up in itself consisted of a major part of the fair experience, as attendees spent hours coordinating the perfect outfit encapsulating the old-timey aesthetic.”I would probably say my favorite part of the fair was that everyone dressed up. I was dressed up, so when I got to school I felt super out of place. But then when I got to the fair, most of the places were dressed up and it made me feel more comfortable. I liked seeing everyone with different clothing and their personas that they took on,” says junior Lady Ayebah.


   However, the Renaissance Fair wasn’t just a place for people to dress up and talk. Visitors were presented with a plethora of activities, all designed to provide a peek into the 16th century. Employees interacted with guests left and right, as cheers and laughter rang throughout the grounds. According to Nathan, “This pirate taught us how to sword fight. Granted, I did get hurt on my hands a few times because I couldn’t parry his sword fast enough, but it was still fun sword fighting someone without the actual dangers.” Although the experience was irreplaceable, the costs of the activities were certainly something to take into consideration. “Most of the activities were too expensive for my liking, but one that I did enjoy was the ‘human-made snow cones.’ You got to walk on this circular treadmill to grind up your ice, and then send it down this manual track. After, you get to pick your flavor and then eat it. Even though it was less than a minute, I still enjoyed that I got something out of it,” describes Lady.


   At the end of the day, the students walked back to the bus exhausted, but fulfilled. “Overall, my experience was pretty good. I liked the scenery, the costumes, and the old timey games that you could play. Even though everything there was super overpriced and I couldn’t buy most of it, I still had a lot of fun with my friends,” says Lady. Students returned home with both costly trinkets and the unforgettable experience of walking into a real life time machine. With a busy beginning to the new semester, students at PPCHS were searching for a break away from their worries, and the Renaissance Fair proved to be the perfect opportunity to do so.