Rebuilding the Volleyball Legacy


Donated by Marko Barrera

Julianna Perez, Staff Writer


 Just a couple of months after the Lady Jags showed us what they can do on the court with their determination and strength, the boys varsity volleyball team are coming back for their spring season with just the same amount of energy. Even though there are a couple of new changes, their goal to make Charter proud and to represent our school in the right way is one of the major steps on their agenda this season.

  Last volleyball season, Charter’s squad experienced lots of victories, but also felt hardships along the way.. Even after being eliminated from districts in the first game and forcing seniors to end their last season without a victory to their names and with their record at 5-6, the Jags are ready to come back stronger and to advance further along.

  Making it to districts is what any team dreams of when approaching a new season with also, a very new team. Last season, one of the more major parts of the team included Zack Castro and the rest of the seniors along with him leading the team. He explained, “It’s going to be important for us to bring energy to practice and games, but also to have fun while we’re playing. However, we can always improve.” With this comes the hard reality of losing 6 players that used to make up the bulk of the team, leaving seniors Daniel Penalosa, Marko Barrera, Kevin Harkleroad, and Tomas Stephens along with Zack to follow their footsteps.

  Along with the same promising and talented players continuing their time on the team this year, there are also some new talents to look out for. With these upcoming tryouts for the varsity team coming soon, the talk among the boys in Charter is to make their mark and gain their spot on the team. “I want somebody who is determined to actually be there, wants to learn the game, wants to play the game, and has that passion. That’s #1.” Coach Mr Capiro expressed what his ideal player on his team this year would have to bring that goes just beyond the skill.

  With 6 players departing from their team after graduating, the main priority this season is to rebuild this varsity team into not only a talented group of boys but also a new legacy to continue into the future years in Charter sports. With such a huge gap left in the team, it is guaranteed to spot new and fresh talent among these boys on the court this season. 

  Adding onto these new players is also a new coach, Mr Capiro. With a new coach comes the nerves of meeting the boys and making sure that they connect as a team before going onto the court, but Capiro already has a plan set. “I want my seniors to stand up to the challenge of teaching the younger classmen what the game of volleyball is while also going into this new season with the mindset that we are going to win and learn together.” Capiro expressed how important building camaraderie between the boys is in order to play to their best abilities and beat their competitors. 

  Although there being so many new changes with new players and coaches can be unpromising to some, there can also be light in the part where they all share the common goal of showing everyone just what the Jags are capable of.