Nepo Babies: Running the Entertainment Industry

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

   Nicknamed the “Nepo Babies,” many children of famous actors, rappers, singers, and athletes have recently grown in fame, solely because of their parents’ success.  The term “Nepo Babies” stems from the word nepotism, which is essentially favoritism to the relatives or friends of someone in a position of power.

   The recent controversy about Nepo Babies has rightfully sparked, and one issue many people have with it is that it prevents new ideas and talents from arising and gaining the same success as the privileged. With all the spotlight on Nepo Babies such as Maya Hawke and Zoe Kravitz, a lack of fair opportunities is left for those who don’t have fame attached to their name. This prevents someone who is well versed in their talents from becoming successful and pursuing the career they cherish. The prominent nepotism in Hollywood hinders the industry from diversifying its actors, as many famous actors even promise their children roles years before they could actually play them.

   Not only are there Nepo Babies in the acting industry, but many of the well-known names and faces of music rose from nepotism, including singers Miley Cyrus (daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus), King Combs (son of the rapper P. Diddy), and Coi Leray (daughter of rapper and record producer Benzino). Each of these new singers/rappers are mainly famous as a direct result of their famous parents who promote them; while other singers/rappers have to work their way up to the top, the Nepo Babies get carried to stardom. Had these artists come from different, less fortunate backgrounds, they would likely not have made any waves in the industry, which is simply unfair. 

   Nepo Babies are privileged children who rely on their famous parents to achieve their status, while the rest of society has to work hard and earn everything themselves, with little help from anyone, let alone from someone famous. This controversy about Nepo Babies may never end, but one thing is certain they will always and forever be privileged.