Popping Into Today’s Generation!

Marlee Jaworski, Staff Writer

   There are many things in this world that have evolved over the course of many years. One in which is music, specifically pop music. Pop music was first made in the late 1900s and is still around today. Many people often use this form of music as a way to escape from reality and go into their own world. Pop music is one of those types of music that have shown people how to grow confidence and accept who they are. It’s not only the music artists that the fans love, it’s also the lyrics that help to create a connection for the listener! 

   Unlike other genres of music, pop music focuses on different beats and melodies. Usually ranging anywhere from two to five minutes, pop music follows a modern style, which is ultimately one of the reasons why it has gained popularity. 

   As social media and music streaming services evolve, many fans always wonder when a new release by their favorite artist will drop. Oftentimes many people will use platforms such as Tiktok or Instagram to get a song or the artist themselves will post about their release. Last year alone, artists such as Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Harry Styles are just a few pop artists that have trended because of their widespread new albums like Midnights, Harry’s House, and Dawn FM. These artists, along with millions of others, inspire people just by creating unique music and being consistent with their content. Freshman Jaylen Jean explains that “pop music has helped [him] become a better person by inspiring and motivating [him] to complete [his] goals. The messages they send are relatable and they make [him] feel like doing something [he] never thought [he] could do.” One big goal that many artists try to achieve is to make an impact in a song. When they are able to do this, most times it motivates many listeners to do new things and challenge themselves. 

   Although it is heartwarming to see an artist become famous and live their dream, there is more to the music other than who wrote it and what they look like. In today’s time, it is important that positivity is spread and respected. Pop music is one genre that is good at keeping the energy up through many different things such as album covers, the meaning to a song, and so much more!

   With this style of music, things can only get better, one being the type of instruments that are used in the various songs. A few years ago, the most common instrument used was the guitar; however, now drums and bass are more commonly used. Many fans found this interesting which helped them love pop music more. In particular, sophomore Isabella Cioffi says, “my favorite pop artist is probably Bad Bunny because I love how hype his music is, it gets me excited and I also love dancing to it.”

   With pop music and artists becoming more known, it allows people to make memories at fun events, such as a school dance. Along with that, freshman Jaylen Jean mentioned, “learning about music can definitely help people better understand other cultures by showing them different points of views.” Pop music is a great way for people to express their culture. Because of better technology, certain pop music can even be played in the background of a commercial; with all of those features in the commercial it allows people to see a glimpse into what that culture is like. 

     Overall, pop music is the type of music to play when a person wants to feel themselves. These talented artists often make music based on a relationship they have with someone or just for pure enjoyment. They also often get their pop music more known through concerts which most times sell out very fast!