Spreading Cheer in More Ways than One: Chorus Club’s Christmas Caroling

Alexandra Kouropteva, Staff Writer

   Christmas caroling has been a huge tradition for centuries! For many, it brings people together while singing beside fellow friends and family. Within the gates of Charter, the Chorus Club members gather together at the end of the school day before Winter Break to bring holiday cheer to other fellow students. Chorus club members and the participating students share their thought’s on the tradition.


   “It’s really a last-minute thing, we gather in a room and go over what we’re gonna do. It’s exciting to see how other people are going to react. I am also very nervous because I want to get my harmony right. After all, there is always a shortage of either altos or supremes so I have to switch to make sure it’s balanced. But it’s a lot of fun watching people get embarrassed and especially since I get to skip 6th period.¨ – Verina Latif (Sophmore Chorus Club Member)


   “It’s pretty easy compared to what we usually do in the club. As people buy the candy canes we fill out the cards they receive and then attach them to the candy canes. We have a Google Drive of harmonies from last year’s club so we typically gather a team of members who are interested in participating and send them out the harmonies. We then get together and rehearse very quickly then split up to distribute.” – Riley Baur (Senior President of Chorus Club)


   “It’s a busy time of year for us, Winter Fantasy just ended and that takes off half the weight of the holidays. The next thing to do is carol, and in terms of learning our harmonies and music, we’ve been pretty relaxed in that department thanks to the skill level and hard work of our members. It is just an overall fun time. But when we sing there is always that one person who’s either embarrassed or happy but the whole class hears us so there’s a good chunk of the student body that’s seen us carol at least once.”  – Liana Samuel (Junior Harmony Director of Chorus Club)

   “It was funny seeing it happen to somebody else, but I feel like it would be extremely embarrassing if it happened to me, especially out of random when I didn’t know it would happen.” – Luca Hincapie (Junior)

   “I really enjoyed the Chorus [Club] coming into the classrooms. I felt like it was a funny and nice way to bring in Winter Break and the Christmas cheer that we were all missing due to stress from midterms.” – Iyana Sainvil (Senior)

   “I was confused when the Chorus Club came into the classroom because we were doing an assignment and the class was dead silent. When they said that ‘This is for …’ I remembered that I bought a candy cane for my friend who was in that class. Then they started singing and his face was red and he was trying to hide in his chair, it was hilarious and probably the best moment of the quarter.” Lucas Gorziglia (Sophomore)

   “I was totally embarrassed, none of my friends told me that they bought me a candy cane. And when they said my name I was surprised because I didn’t know what was going on. It was pretty funny, but still really embarrassing, and next year I’m going to get one for them.” – Giovanna Colaferri (Freshman)