New Year, New Resolutions, and New Ways to Keep Them

Marissa Levinson, Opinions Editor

Caught up in the countdown, flashing lights, and cheering crowds as the new year becomes the present, it’s common for many to inundate themselves with New Year’s resolutions. Although writing “2023” for the first time signals a new slate with endless possibilities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the pressures and promises you may fail to keep. Despite this, there are ways to ensure that you can commit to your goals.

  • Keep Them Realistic

Avoid setting the bar so high for the new year, so much so that reaching disappointment is more likely than reaching the goal. By making less drastic resolutions, achieving success is foreseeable. Set small goals that aren’t too out of reach from your starting point, then you will feel empowered to continue further when you reach that goal in no time. 


  • Plan Them Out

Oftentimes, new year’s resolutions fall through the cracks when a plan isn’t as well thought out as the idea itself. Be sure to write down a few steps to achieve your greatest aspirations. 


  • Go Easy on Yourself

Whether it’s pressure from yourself or your peers, fear of failing to succeed and exceeding expectations can prevent you from staying committed to your new year’s resolutions. Rather than bragging about your goals for the year and setting unnecessary standards for yourself, remind yourself that it’s okay to stumble a little bit along the way and that it may not all come easily. 


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