Christmas: Then vs. Now

Samuel Morillo, Staff Writer

   Christmas is perhaps the most celebrated holiday around the world, and as with everything else in life, our experiences and views on holidays often change as we grow older and discover new things. Students expressed their thoughts on how they feel about the holiday now, compared to what it did for them some years back. 


“[It was better] when I was younger, because I still believed in Santa and it was fun waking up thinking Santa actually came to the house at night. Now it’s like I know everything my mom gets me and it’s just not as enjoyable as it was when I was younger.

  • Sophomore Gabriela Martinez


“Personally, I have a much fonder memory of Christmas when I was younger. It’s probably due to the innocence that we all had, waiting for Santa to come with presents and how we would stay up trying to catch him. Now it feels like any other holiday which is sad looking back.”

  • Senior Paul Abolafia


“I enjoyed Christmas more as a kid because there used to be excitement and I was able to wake up early. Now I don’t. When I was a kid I also used to play with toys and on Christmas I would get a lot of toys. I also thought Santa was real back then.”

  • Sophomore Caden Mastrosimone


“Christmas was better when I was a kid. It felt more magical, the weather was cooler, the world seemed happier. The magic of Christmas still lives on but it was much better when we were making cookies and milk for Santa hoping he would leave a note.” 

  • Sophomore Prashanth Mahendran