The House on Cleveland Street Now Holds A Special Place in My Heart

Lindsey Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Graphic by Hailey Tesser

   In a captivating, beautiful reimagination of the 1983 holiday movie classic, A Christmas Story, the 2022 modern-day version, A Christmas Story Christmas, hits all the tender spots and may just be the greatest holiday movie of the 2022 holiday season. 

   In an attempt to ignite the flame of stories that really do tell the true meaning of Christmas, the modern-day renovation of A Christmas Story is a bittersweet and heartfelt story that revisits the past while still moving in the present. Throughout the movie there were multiple different scenes that had direct links, even replicated scenes, to the original but with a new twist that followed the now adult characters.

   Similar to the first movie, the 2022 version story follows the main character, Ralph Parker, played by Peter Billingsley, as he tries to bring some happiness and joy to a sorrowful Christmas after he receives the news of his father’s, played by Darrin Mcgavin, death. After making the trip to his hometown, he goes on a quest to ensure his family has the most memorable Christmas of all time. Throughout the bittersweet storyline, references to his late father and to the original movie bring watchers right back to the classic and to memories of watching A Christmas Story on replay on the morning of December 25th. 

   Although watchers are challenged with pointing out similarities between the new and old Christmas Story scenes, there were some that went unnoticed and were ultimately pointed out by the–no doubt smirking–genius of a crew in the credits. 

  I am not sure I have felt as emotional as watching this movie, perhaps with the only exception being It’s a Wonderful Life. I felt as if I too were living in the same memories as Ralph was. It’s a holiday tradition in my household to play the original A Christmas Story on the night of December 24th, followed by the morning of December 25th. It’s the type of movie that you look forward to every year, even though there’s a chance I can follow the cast word for word without a script. Similarly, junior Karly Acevedo, while not having watched it yet, explains “I expect the movie to bring back memories of watching the original while also maybe ruining the ending of the original. I’m looking forward to watching it and for the nostalgia from the original.”

   Although there are some holiday hits that are no doubt a must-have around the holiday season, this movie should be a new addition to the list, just be prepared with a box of tissues. Although the “true meaning of Christmas” is a cheesy line of most hallmark movies, this movie really does hit the spot of the ultimate truth behind the holiday season. 

   Remembering back to the original classic and the familiar line of “You’ll shoot your eye out!” and the familiar scene that all kids were able to relate to when it came to never turning down a triple dog dare, the original cast, with a few exceptions, were brought back to the screen in A Christmas Story reboot. 

   I laughed, I smiled, and I’m not ashamed to admit, I cried. The 1 hour and 38 minute movie paints a stunning picture of the type of holiday season we all long for. Although I may not be living in the house on Cleveland street, the movie has brought a sense of warmth and holiday joy to my own humble abode and will no doubt be a new staple of the holiday season for future Decembers.