Looking Back On a Year to Remember: 2022 Recap

Mackenzi Charles, Staff Writer

  As the 2022 school year comes to an end, people love to reflect on the good memories that have been created throughout the year. Most of these memories are shared in school, where students spend the majority of their time. Many form new friendships and everlasting bonds with the people they spend the most time with, forming new memories as the year goes by. Going to football games, school dances, and drama plays are all great experiences that often stick out in students’ memories. As the year counts down to its final days, here are some of Jags’ favorite memories they made this year.  


What is your favorite school memory?

“ My favorite school memory is going to my first pep rally and sitting with all my friends, experiencing our first real high school event.” -Krystal Castro, freshman


“ My favorite memory from this year was the pep rally. It really showed our school spirit and helped me bond with some of my peers.” -Maia Moss-Solomon, freshman


“My favorite school memory was spirit week and the pep rally we had. Also, another favorite memory of mine was watching the World Cup in Mrs. Fitian’s class.” – Shayan Chowdhury, freshman


“ This year [my favorite memories were] the football game[s]. [They were] very fun and I was happy to attend them.” -Jacob Trenchfield, freshman.


“ Going to Homecoming. It was a very fun night, and it was an experience I was looking forward to doing in highschool.” – Lauren Pfeiff, freshman


“The Charter vs. West Broward football game.” – Julian Olapado, sophomore


“My AICE Biology class. I love my teacher, Mrs. Pardo, and all of the people in the class. Even though it is a challenging course, we have done so many interesting experiments and learned about things I genuinely enjoy learning about.” -Marina Conklin, sophomore


“Definitely spirit week. Everyone showed out and this year, [and] it was very enjoyable.” -Zahara Durand, sophomore


“ Working as a manager for the football team. I gained a lot of good new friends and learned some new things about the sport.” – Gabriela Martinez, sophomore


“Being in winter fantasy.”- Mia Luna, junior


 “My favorite school memory was watching the Step team perform at pep rally, and hearing the drum line every Friday during football season.” -Riley Ahearn, junior


“Going to football games with friends.” -Jayden Moxie, junior