Countdown to the New Me!

Alexandra Kouropteva, Staff Writer

   New Year’s resolutions are a classic way to mark the beginning of every year. It’s practically tradition– striving for better grades, going to the gym more, etc. However, although the majority of people begin their year with lists of resolutions, they don’t always happen. Here’s a look at some of Pembroke Pines Charter’s students and their upcoming New Year’s resolutions. 


 “My New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to get better at time management. I accidentally keep procrastinating on my work, and it’s very tragic. While I still get good grades, I stay up at an unhealthy time from procrastination, and it is taking a toll [on me]. Maybe I will finally get a good sleep schedule next year too.” -Orwen Taleon, sophomore


“My New Year’s resolution [is] to make a lot more money. I’ve been trying to save up for my dream car, but it’s hard being in high school and having a job. But, I want to start a successful business or company to be able to support my passion for racing and hypercars or supercars.

-Matthew Lowry, freshman


“So far I’ve been doing pretty good in school, work, the gym, and overall in general, so I wouldn’t really need a resolution. But, if I had to pick one, I would choose to be myself more instead of what the people around me want me to be. That’s a pretty important one.” -Noah Albina, senior


“I always say that I will complete my New Year’s resolutions, but in the end, they become almost impossible to complete. This year, I’m going to keep it simple and try to just get good grades and most definitely work out at the gym more. I feel like whenever I have something simple to complete, I get it done. – Austin Rodriguez, sophomore


“I want to start focusing a lot more on myself. Whenever I’m not in a good mental state, nothing goes well. So If I were to focus more on myself, then maybe my New Year will be better. Along with that, I want to get better at dance and try to practice more on my routines and whatnot.  

 –Victoria Eason, freshman


“Eating healthy is definitely my number one resolution. I started to eat healthier this year, but I want to do it more next year. I also want to help and volunteer around my community as well too. But honestly, I think I’m going to forget after a month or two. Either way I want to try harder next year. -Mia San Angelo, junior


“My resolutions are to get better grades and make money. I would want to get better grades so I could get into a good college. I am currently taking AICE classes for the diploma, which would get my ride into college easier, but the backbone of college admission is good grades. I’ve learned that taking normal advanced classes and getting the highest grades are enough in this regard, but AICE classes plus all A’s would be smooth sailing for me. Next year when I get a job, I need to find one that would let me buy whatever I want whenever I want it. In fact, this resolution means more to me than the last one. -Brendon Kenol, sophomore


“Grades have definitely been tough this year, so I would say trying harder in school overall would be my New Year’s resolution. Maybe also [to] join more clubs or outside-of-school activities. Or maybe even [to] go out more with friends and play basketball, football, and soccer.” –Ashmith Kalpaldikal, junior