Daniella Milian: The Young Prodigy who Fills Every Role!

Kara Warren, Clubs Editor

  When onstage, she soaks in the spotlight, and recites the lines engrained in her mind like there’s no tomorrow. But in the conference room, she takes on the role of an entire country, leading it to victory. Regardless of where she is, Daniella Milian performs her heart out, and perfectly-executes the vision of each role she’s given to portray!

   To many, it may appear as if she’s been acting for years, but she’s overcome several obstacles to find her way in the spotlight. “When I was in second grade, at PPCES East, the school put on the production, Finding Nemo, and I couldn’t help but think, ‘I need to be on that stage!’ Since my parents didn’t approve of it right off the bat, I had to move onto different things.” Over the course of the following year, and exposure to Broadway performances, especially Matilda, she had no other choice but to join the stage. “Soon after that, I started volunteering at summer camps to help kids improve their drama skills, and still do to this day!”

   But her position in Charter’s drama department has only extended her love for the stage, specifically the singing element of it all. Participating in shows, including Winter Fantasy and Coffee House sessions, as well as the other drama competitions have also shown her peers how dedicated she is to uplifting PPPCHS theater. Senior Emma Schenker, and President of Troupe 6153, expressed her gratitude for Daniella’s creativity and boldness when it comes to running shows. “She’s always positive and lifting people up just with her presence. It means a lot knowing that you can always count on her to be prepared and ready to help even when something’s not necessarily her responsibility.” 

   Nevertheless, the junior manages to make time for her other prioritized organization, Pines Charter’s Model UN team. Though she’s only been recognized as the Parliamentarian on the team just recently, Daniella’s passion for the subject combines her two favorite things: public speaking and performing. “Both theater and Model UN share similar aspects, especially in regards to public speaking—which I’ve never had a problem with. But the fact that they’re so different, makes me like them both even more. And I especially appreciate the versatility of both activities, because it allows me to express myself in completely different ways.”

   Her devotion for delegating and speaking, is even more appreciated by her fellow delegates. Senior Nicole Becerra, President of Charter’s Model UN team, expressed just how passionate and dedicated Daniella can be to making things happen.“These past two years, working with Daniella has brought the club nothing but success! She’s very dedicated and competitive—which is an important trait for our delegates. She’s also always on top of her assignments and the club’s duties.”

   Daniella continued to argue that being so involved with Model UN has improved her commitment to her theater troupe. When asked what influenced her to become a bigger part of the club, she paused thoughtfully and replied, “Model UN gets a completely different side of me, forcing me to be more thoughtful and creative with my ideas—which I can incorporate into the drama department.” And it’s clear that the experiences brought from both worlds have forced her creativity to shine like never before!

   “The adrenaline rush I get, and learning different parts to make myself become a whole new person just makes all the difference.” Regardless of if she’s in front of an audience or surrounded by her peers suited in the conference room, Daniella Milian is destined to go above and beyond with her work. Especially in times where everyone goes against her, she pushes through and refuses to stoop down with them.