Art Basel: Oasis for Inspiration

Alexia Rivera, Staff Writer

   Art students excitedly group together and enter the bus to make their way to Miami Beach. After a far drive from Pembroke Pines Charter High School, students arrived at the destination of their long awaited field trip, the Art Basel. This annual art exhibit took place this year from December first to the third. PPCHS students taking an art class had the opportunity to attend the Art Basel on Thursday, December 1st. For many, the Art Basel was not only an amazing field trip but an amazing experience as well.

   In a gigantic, maze-like building, hundreds of artworks were displayed for thousands of people to view. With different styles and mediums, there were many pieces that caught the eyes of those attending, especially our PPCHS art students. Senior Martin Garcia expresses that “The experience of being immersed into so many different forms of art was overwhelming and intense. Getting to see a variety of art and artists really made [him] appreciate the opportunity of being there.” Being able to relate to and view different masterpieces has been an inspiration for everyone who has attended the field trip. Art students were surrounded by what they love most. At every corner they turned, there were paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and so much more, creativity and inspiration flowing everywhere.

    With friends and teachers, students walked around the museum that had eye-catching art and so much to explore. Although many upperclassmen have visited this museum in previous school years, Art Basel was a whole new atmosphere for some. Sophomore Zaria Diallo passionately describes her first experience and how “the art connected to [her] deeply. [She] was able to see parts of [herself] come to life in a way [she] was not expecting.” This field trip was an opportunity to expand the creative minds of dedicated art students, to learn more about themselves, and connect emotionally to artworks that spoke to them.

   The art students of PPCHS appreciated the chance to attend the Art Basel, which included many different artworks to suit many different tastes. This field trip was not just an ordinary destination with ordinary students, but a way to bring students together to dig deeper into what they are most passionate about: art.