Jaguar Yearbook Sales End on 12/7!

Anaum Hussain, Staff Writer

   Yearbook Sales are coming to a close this Wednesday, December 7th! So, how are things going at the Newspaper’s sister class? 

    According to Business Manager and Senior Duha Iqbal, it’s going amazingly. “We’ve been working really hard to focus on every event, every moment throughout the school year. All grades will be represented. And we’re eager for everyone to see the finished look.” The yearbook is turning out really good so far, and they’re working day and night to make sure it’s the best it can be this year!

   So, here’s your reminder: Buy your yearbook! You only get four of these for your high school career, you need to make the most of them! Go to and input code 15760. There’s two different types of yearbooks, the $85 dollar normal one and the $100 dollar personalized one. At the end of the day, the yearbook is something sentimental and irreplaceable, so pick one up today!