Top 10 Shows That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open

Olivia Ramos, Staff Writer

Graphic by Mia Hennequin

 For centuries, humans have always tried to find ways of entertainment. From Shakespeare to the invention of television, the need for amusement  has been evolving for years. With the evolution of television, more people have yearned for different genres and feelings when it came to these new found technologies. This is why Netflix became a world wide platform to stream movies, documentaries, TV shows, and even comedy skits with just a touch of a finger. Netflix is on your phone, TV, iPad, and especially your computers. 

   Now, in 2022, people are still wanting more, searching and browsing on the rows and columns of Netflix. To make the viewers’ scrolling easier, here are the 10 top must watches that have been collected.


  1. Shameless

   Starting off strong with the comedic family drama, the TV show: Shameless. This show never fails to amuse countless demographics, with its corny but somewhat relatable content. With an older sister raising her 5 siblings with no help from her drunken father, Fiona Gallagher, one of the main characters, finds ways to keep the family stable and alive. The obstacles the family faces and the ways they find themselves out of it with the help of each other, Shameless is something that shouldn’t go unwatched.  


  1. Stranger Things

   Nothing short of being second, Stranger Things is something that’ll leave you in amazement, with Millie Bobby Brown playing the main role as “11,” a character that has supernatural powers being constantly challenged  by other worldly entities. She finds help from a group of nerdy boys willing to risk their lives for their friends and town. This show is something that will have you wondering what is real and what is an illusion, the want to continue this show will increase the more you wait for the new seasons.


  1. /4. The Witcher and The Mortal Instruments

   Leading with supernatural entities, the one show and one movie that should be in your must watch list, should be  The Witcher and The Mortal Instruments. The show and the movie both involve individuals facing mythical creatures that threaten the lives of countless others, and disrupt the natural order of worldly structures.With Henry Cavill playing as the Witcher, and Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace Wayland, both have a fascination with their female lead, and work together with them to bring a just world. So, if you like action and supernatural movies and shows, these two should be added. 


5./6. Big Mouth and Love is Blind

   If action isn’t something you like, there’s plenty of other genres, like romance or coming of age. If those seem more interesting, then the shows that are a must are Big Mouth and Love is Blind.  The coming of age show, Big Mouth, comically portrays the puberty of kids. With the two main characters, Nick and Andrew, being talked to by the Hormone Monsters. The show and everyone in it becomes a mess trying to understand their own bodies and the new desires that come with it. If coming of age isn’t worth your while, Love is Blind is an amazing romantic show. As the name says, people looking for love come to find the person of their dreams, but the kicker is that they don’t know what they look like. Being blocked by a wall, the way these people connect is by conversations lasting hours and meaningful questions that leave an impression on them. This show will leave you dying of laughter, anger, and most definitely second-hand embarrassment.


  1. Anne with an E

   Another show that brings a swarm of different emotions will be the coming of age and historical show, Anne with an E. This show depicts a young girl in the 1800s, who has been adopted by a pair of siblings living on a farm. She starts to face the prejudice of the kids in her new town, especially with her unique hair being a bright vivid orange color. Trying to fit in while also staying true to herself leads her to discover the beauties of the world and even the devastating diversity of it as well. This show talks about race, sexuality, feminism, and grief, it digs deep until every character and shows weakness in all of them.  The videography is pleasantly light with gentle hues of nature’s simple colors and is nothing but exquisite. It will lead you tearing up and in absolute awe, if you need a light but impactful show, Anne with an E is something that is the one for you. 


   Finishing up, the last three shows that should be added to your must watch list are: Good Girls, HunterxHunter and lastly Blood of Zeus. These three shows are nothing but amusement and a way to make time go faster. 


  1. Good Girls

   Starting off with the comedic drama Good Girls, this show will bring you to the brink of tears, with the comical gestures to how a simple grocery store robbery led three average women into working for a gang. This show is for every demographic above the age of 16, and it is worth its watch time. 


  1. HunterxHunter

   Next on the list would be HunterxHunter, a show about a boy named Gon trying to find his father, who is one of the most infamous hunters. Befriending a boy named Killua, the two make their ways to find Gon’s father. This anime will have you on the edge of your seat, you will be laughing to crying in the matter of seconds.


  1. Blood of Zeus

   Last but not least, if you are one that is interested in the fascinations of Ancient Greece, the show Blood of Zeus will have you begging for a second season. This show portrays a boy born of both mortal and God blood, having to deal with the challenges of being different physically from the townspeople to the Goddess, Hera, constantly trying to murder him. Blood of Zeus will have your mouth opening every episode.