Racism behind the Virus


Nicole Llanes, Social Media Manager

      Corona is a well known and feared word today in 2020. It’s the virus taking over everyone’s day to day life and causing everyone to walk outside in fear they may be the next patient. With this fear comes the need to cope and in many ways these coping methods are placing the blame on the “cause. It’s suspected the virus began in Wuhan, China’s seafood markets. When this news came out of the origins, soon behind it came racism and xenophobia. People took to social media and began posting discriminatory posts against people. In the first case the post was a banner which stated, ‘People coming back from Hubei are all time bombs’. This banner only stigmatized people from Hubei and further contributed to xenophobia stereotypes and existing fears. The most notable and publicized video was the video of a woman eating bat soup. Although this video was soon debunked, it promoted the idea that Chinese people had ‘disgusting eating habits’ that lead to the outbreak of the virus. False and misleading information like this was spread on multiple platforms and only increased fear and discrimination. Further acts publicly have been taken against people of Asian appearance. Such as verbal and physical abuse, denied entrance to shops, and being kicked off public transportation. The corona virus is slowly becoming a pandemic and the racism behind it is as well.