Empowerment Earned NOT Given

Paula Lillquist and Morgan Lind

  Throughout history women were almost automatically assigned the house role. They were seen as outspoken or disrespectful whenever they would try to reject this societal norm. Although they heavily contributed to society, the American government did not see them as citizens. In fact, they did not have the right to vote or even participate in politics. The women’s suffrage movement was a major step towards equality. Now in 2020, we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Throughout this past century, women in America as well as worldwide have risen from the oppressant, overcoming various stereotypes. Junior Raquel Richard stated, “ I feel like we have come far as gaining our rights, doing more things, and fighting the stereotype and the basic gender rules that were enforced upon us, but we still have more work to do.” A lot of progress has been made but obstacles such as gender stigmas and stereotypes still exist in our society creating barriers against equality. However, this hasn’t prohibited us from achieving the progress we have made.