[GALLERY] Spirit Week: Day 1 – Meme Monday!

Despite the Doubt, Meme Monday Makes a Promising Start to Spirit Week


   Students eyed their phones when that Instagram notification went out from SGA, and the only thing that stopped them from committing the classroom crime of picking them up was their teachers. The desire to reach for their devices soon grew stronger as messages from peers began flooding the screen, shifting the notifications upwards toward the time and date. Those whose desires prevailed over their academic morals checked it anyways, producing a gentle murmur that then erupted into loud, indistinct chatter throughout every classroom.

   Meme Day—along with all the other Spirit Week themes—was announced on a flyer that outlined the exciting week ahead. Yet some students resented the idea of Meme Day, saying it sounded too banal and bland, or excessively broad and eclectic—some didn’t have a clue what or who to be. However, the first day of Spirit Week turned out to be none of these things…


“I did not expect people to really put on such creative outfits, but now that I see [everyone], I think that Charter kids have really great ideas. I was this TikTok guy who tells people what his favorite candy is and he’s like: (in a southern accent) ‘Reese’s Pieces or them Lifesavers gummies’. A couple people came up to me the second they saw the candy in my hands, and then they asked me if they could have some and now all my candy is gone. Today’s been really successful for me; it’s been really fun. I didn’t think Spirit Week would be this fun, but it has been for me and a lot of people.” -Isabella Chavez (junior, Reese’s Pieces/Lifesavers Guy) 


“My expectations were pretty high honestly. I expected everyone to go all out and they did—that’s awesome. I’m Tyler the Creator as Dora; [people] recognized me as Dora, not as Tyler the Creator, but it’s pretty dope. It’s been really fun, more fun than like all the other years.” -Zackary Harris (senior, Tyler the Creator)


“I didn’t think that many people were gonna dress up this year. Still, I decided to be the Facebook minion meme. I think people have recognized me. I feel like it’s pretty obvious. I’d say Meme Day was a success. I definitely had fun.” –Emily Ramjattan (junior, Minion)


“I actually didn’t expect everyone to go all out as they did. But to my surprise they did! I wore a cat in the hat suit I got from Amazon. A bunch of people recognized it.” –Alessandro Alcerro (Sophomore, Cat in the Hat)


“I expected half the ppl at school to be actual memes and the other half to come in pajamas. My outfit is Kevin Nguyen from Kevin Nguyen inc. Mostly Asians have recognized my meme but for the general population I’ve had to explain. My French class even had me play the ukulele for them.” –Orion Taleon (Junior, Kevin Nguyen)


“My expectations for today weren’t that high because I heard a lot of people talking about how they didn’t know how to dress for Meme Day. But surprisingly, a lot of people dressed up in funny memes, with pictures and even old Vines; it was a fun day.” -Sarah Iturralde (sophomore)


“I was going to show out no matter what. I knew some people would show up in pajamas, but it was great seeing everyone’s memes. Last minute, some people were asking me what they should be, so the night before people actually started preparing an outfit. I had both lunches today because I was selling Boo Grams (Class of 2024!), and it was cool to see both runway shows in the cafeteria. Even everyone sitting at tables around it was enjoying it; they matched the energy of the people on the runway.” -Anaya Andre (junior, SGA officer)