Emmys 2022: A Night of Actors, Awards, and Appreciation

Alexia Rivera and Brielle Gari

   In this year’s Emmy Awards, talent amongst many actresses, actors, directors, producers and more were awarded for their outstanding achievements. Host Kenan Thompson kicked off the awards ceremony with a performance of iconic theme songs in television series such as Friends, Law & Order, The Brady Bunch and Game of Thrones.

   Jumping into the main awards of the night, Outstanding Lead Actress/Actor in a Limited Series or Movie went to actress Amanda Seyfried and actor Micheal Keaton. Outstanding Lead Actress/Actor in a Comedy Series was won by actress Jean Smart and actor Jason Sudeikis. As far as drama goes, HBO Max’s Succession won the category of Outstanding Drama Series. Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun (Squid Game), and Zendaya as Rue (Euphoria), both received awards for Outstanding Lead Actress/Actor in a Drama Series. 

   Along with this highlighted talent, Emmy Awards were earned by many others that night such as Lizzo, RuPaul, Adele, Colman Domingo, Lee You-mi, and so many more. The hard work of these artists have paid off and for many, it has been their first time awarded with an Emmy. On the other hand, it has not been the first rodeo for others. For instance, Stranger Things won a total of five Emmys this year, collecting 51 nominations and 7 other awards throughout the recent years. 

   Out of all the ceremony’s featured honorees, certain winners were held close to the audience’s hearts. Sophomore Julissa Portillo expresses that her “favorite win of the night had to be Zendaya’s. And although [she hasn’t] watched Euphoria, seeing her acting in other movies such as Spider-Man shows her amazing talent especially as a younger actress.” 

   Furthermore, not only were there outstanding wins but also show-stopping speeches, with Lizzo’s award acceptance being one of the most iconic. After winning Outstanding Competition Program for her Amazon series Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, she delivered an uplifting speech filled with gratitude. Senior and BSU member Chanell Thomas exclaimed “I love Lizzo, she is a huge inspiration for black people, women, and plus-sized people and I was so happy that she was given the recognition for the amazing messages she is always sending to everyone. She talked about how she would’ve loved to see someone like her on her TV when she was little and it’s amazing because that’s exactly what she’s doing for young girls now. Little girls are gonna see her on their TV and want to just have the same confidence and self assurance that Lizzo shows, and I think that’s one of the most important messages to send…now.” Lizzo’s speech gives this generation and the future generations the courage to be yourself, to be confident in your own skin, and to not apologize for being who you are. 

   This annual award show has allowed talent to be recognized and spotlighted year after year. With well-deserved nominations and iconic wins, the 2022 Emmys has pulled off elegance once again, sending guests home with lasting memories and pride in their hearts.