How Music Affects Students


Joshua Lasarte, Staff Writer

   All around the school, students can be seen wearing earbuds and headphones blasting their favorite songs. Lots of teachers and staff members don’t like seeing kids listening to music because they think students won’t listen to them. Teachers also think that listening to music in class distracts them and negatively affects their school work. Lots of students will tell staff the opposite and say that music actually helps them focus. Administration has also passed the one earbud policy to ensure that students are only using one earbud so that they can hear when teachers are talking to them. Different genres of music also have different effects on students and affect their performance in school differently.

   Around school there will be  more students that are wearing headphones than students not wearing headphones. According to Matthew Lasarte, “Music helps me focus and concentrate while also helping me ignore people.” Even in classrooms, students will have their headphones trying to focus on their work. There has also been studies done that show the positives and negatives of listening to music in school. Those results show that listening to music actually helps students more than it hurts them.