Questionable Comebacks, Captivating Co-Performances, and Classy Clothing

Marko Barrera and Alexia Rivera

   After a major success in last year’s show, mostly due to Doja Cat’s fun take as host, MTV came back this past week and televised an interesting night to say the least, producing the 2022 Video Music Awards. 

   Since 1986, this was the first time that the show had more than one host. This year, Jack Harlow, Nicki Minaj, and LL Cool J took the stage to emcee the annual awards show. Besides the electric performances, the night was headlined by Taylor Swift’s surprising announcement, which was also covered by the CHAT here.

   Hostess Nicki Minaj was also a prominent artist of the night, winning this year’s Video Vanguard Award and performing a medley nostalgic to “Barbies”(her fan base) all across the nation.

   With her throwback hit “Glamourous” used as a sample in Jack Harlow’s chart-topper “First Class”, Fergie returned to the stage alongside him to perform both songs for the audience.

   Although the night had its highs, it wasn’t exactly perfect, as fans did not know how to feel about certain appearances. For example, Yung Gravy showed up with Sheri Easterling, mother of TikTok-born artist Addison Rae, as his date. Junior Samantha Cuertas expressed the mix of emotions she felt after watching them romantically breeze through the red carpet. “I really love how Addison Rae’s mom is enjoying her single life,” she said, “But it’s still odd to me that Yung Gravy was not lying about his love for older women.” As mentioned before, the night really was interesting in many aspects.

   The same thing can be said about the fashion seen throughout the night. At this year’s VMAs, artists not only arrived with their outstanding talent but with their show-stopping outfits as well. Stars such as Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Lizzo, and more, attended this special event fashionably.

    From dresses of all sizes to suits, every artist was styled uniquely and by high end-brands we know today. For example, Louis Vutton was worn by J Balvin and Fendi was worn by Lili Reinhart. While many outfits piqued the interest of people with fashion taste, some didn’t. Senior Camila King, hair stylist and model for Charter’s fashion club, voices that her “favorite would have to be Conan Gray, being that his outfit was more elegant or That Girl Lay Lay because of the different patterns and layering.” She also states that her least favorite outfit was worn by singer Jack Harlow. Camila includes that “it’s boring due to the fact that it is all black and lacks differentiating textures. Nothing really pops out or gives it personality.” Whether the outfit was sophisticated, more relaxed, colorful, or had many patterns, the star’s style choices may have even sent out a message.

    Lizzo, who has had many hits such as “About Damn Time” (2022) and “Truth Hurts” (2019), arrived wearing an elegant, dark blue gown. Many thought that it was simply a dress and nothing special beyond its material, describing it as too big or similar to a trash bag. However, Lizzo’s fashion choice comes with a deeper meaning as she has been setting trends and pushing the limits within the plus-sized community. In further detail, she expresses that she can wear whatever she wants and when she wants.

   Lizzo, amongst many other creative artists, continue to inspire fans, not just with their music and style, but with their powerful and wholehearted messages.