What Seniors Wish They Had Never Done

Alexandra Kouropteva, Staff Writer

     In high school, people become older, wiser, and more mature, but there are mistakes everyone makes while on the road to graduation. Here are some of the class of 2023’s regrets throughout their high school endeavors:


  “Not spending enough time and hanging out with my friends was my biggest regret in High School. I had chances but didn’t take them because I had work or some type of school assignment holding me up. I do understand that school is a priority but hanging out with your friends outside of school is more important for me. Putting school first ruined my high school experience and I also wasn’t able to have fun summers because I spent so much time worrying about school. And by the time I was ready to hang out with everyone, nobody was able to because everyone had already grown up. Also, many of us have gotten jobs so our schedules would barely line up.” – Senior Noah Albino


   “My biggest school regret would be being caught up on what others think of me rather than just being myself and doing the things I want to do. It took me until my last year of high school to finally have the mindset of not worrying about what others might have thought of me. And although I regret not having that mindset sooner, I’m glad I have it for my last year of high school.” – Senior Jessica Rodriguez


   “ If I had to think about it, I guess my biggest regret I would say is not going to any of the outside school events and activities that they gave us, like the football and basketball games, along with the pep rallies. Instead of going, I would just sit at home while the other students and my friends would go and have fun. And the most important regret that I have is not getting in the service hours faster than I should have gotten them. Overall, I just wished I was more invested in school activities and got my hours at a moderate pace. – Senior Bryce Muvdi


   “Deep question but I would probably say I regret not getting my hours earlier in my high school career. And not taking more AP, Aice, and dual enrollment classes is a regret I dislike the most. I had an English teacher in freshman year who discouraged me from taking Aice General Paper and Aice Geography. Now I feel as if my rank is lower than what it would be if I would have taken those classes since those two are relatively easy. I would say don’t let people discourage you from taking courses or doing things that you know you are capable of.  Surround yourself with good people that want the best for you, and most importantly do not compare your academics to others. – Senior Jailyn Joseph


   “Probably not joining enough clubs and sports would honestly be my biggest regret. Really I  just wish that I could have been a part of more things throughout the school years. Especially now since this year is my last, I just wanted to make it special and fun. I still am happy with what I’m doing now– I just would have liked to have done more. – Senior Gabriella Jean-Baptiste