From Coach J’ to SGA


Francesca Galvez

Mike Wazowski, Sulley, and Mr. Jablonka pose side-by-side, smiling from horn-to-horn. Like Sulley leaning on Mike, Mr. Jablonka plans on getting some help from his own students to make SGA its best year yet.

Adam Abougendia and Daniel Morrison

   Everything was primed for a repeat of last year—invigorating pep rallies, a creatively-entertaining Spirit Week, a royal homecoming, a competitive Snowbowl. Except there was one notable change most didn’t see coming. The longtime sponsor of Student Government Association (SGA), Mr. Curry, has taken his professional career on a new journey to Hollywood Hills High, leaving SGA with a vacant advisor role. Insert Mr. Jablonka, a Charter alumni who’s itching to pick up where Curry left off in making the student body more impassioned and tight-knit than ever before.

   Prior to taking on the new role as SGA advisor, Jablonka coached the school’s football team and taught World History for five years. He expresses, “I thought the transition from Football coach to SGA sponsor would be a difficult one, but a lot of the responsibilities actually translate well. As I did in football, I’m trying to build a collective unit that is stronger than the individual sum of its parts.”

   Jablonka has already proven the transition to be a smooth one. The school’s “Fun Fridays”, various performances by Latin Dance, Drumline, and the Dance team, have been a success for SGA: Jags crowd the River of Grass each Friday just to see them perform.

   Being a proud alumnus of Pembroke Pines Charter, Jablonka has lived the student body experience first hand. Along with being the starting quarterback for the Jags football team, he took part in numerous events run by SGA, namely “Mr. Jag”, the spring and fall Pep Rallies, and of course Homecoming. However, the same flame that sparked Jablonka to jump on the opportunity of becoming SGA sponsor burned him with regret throughout his highschool years since, “As a charter student, I didn’t apply to be apart of SGA,” he says. “So I knew if the opportunity came up for me, I would have to take it. SGA is extremely valuable and plays a pivotal role in students’ daily lives at school”.

  When it comes to aspirations, Jablonka isn’t short of any. He’s got plans to improve every aforementioned event and have never-before-seen turnout rates for each one. But, “my main goal,” Jablonka explains, “is to inject a massive boost of school spirit back into the student body. I feel like in the past few years, due to being off campus, students have felt disconnected from school. I want students to feel at home again and get the feeling of wanting to be at school again versus students just waiting until that 2:00 pm dismissal.”

   Hopefully, the next time the clocks strike two, students will wish the school day hadn’t ended. They’ll leave with smiling faces and inspired eyes, anxiously awaiting for what’s to come under the new SGA regime.