The Revival of HOSA


Sophia Lopez, Features Editor

     Define your purpose. The theme for HOSA 2018-2019 was a bold one. 

   It adorned the front of the pamphlets distributed at the State competitions, the year where the Pembroke Pines Charter High School team took home a gold and silver medal. It was a pivotal moment since the club’s establishment in 2015. 

   During the school year online and another trying to fall back into rhythm, HOSA was put away. 

   Until this year. 

   In the words of club sponsor Mrs. Ramos, the Health Occupations [for] Students [of] America, or HOSA, “is a national organization where students interested in being health professionals can gain experience, collaborate, and eventually compete in a whole range of different categories.”

   With its 260,000 inducted members from all over the world, countless service opportunities, and engaging competitions, HOSA directly connects with the incoming generation of healthcare professionals. 

   Senior Sri Madabhushi is proud to be president of the club where she found her calling. Without many connections to the medical field beforehand, HOSA drew her in with its service opportunities and medical experiences; two of Sri’s favorite things. 

   “Joining HOSA allowed me to bond with others that loved the field, allowed me to learn more through fun activities, and gave me a great inside look to the medical field,” she explains, “Since it’s considered on par with an honor society, it motivated me to compete and participate.”

    “Overall, it’s served as a vessel for me to immerse myself and has made me appreciate medical professionals and the field even more than I did,” Sri finishes proudly. 

   Reviving HOSA after a 2-year hiatus was no simple task. Due to the intensity of the club and its complex activities, it took plenty of dedication from the club board to be open for new members to join. As president, Sri knows this responsibility firsthand, yet sees the positive outcome.

    “I knew how much my friends and I benefited from the club in just one year, and figured that students in PPCHS would love the experience, especially those that start with very little connections and knowledge of the field,” she says. 

   Complete with professional competitions, experiences, and connections, the return of HOSA enlightens high school students interested in healthcare and gives many their first glimpse of real-world experiences that await them upon graduation. 

Visit the official website, to learn more about the opportunities this club has to offer!